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Stites, W. (2012) I say 1:1, you say ... Blog. (accessed 30-08-2012)

Looks at questions that arise when considering implementing 1:1 computing.

School or student/family owned devices?

1. Support. If a device fails, how can a student or teacher continue? Need to troubleshoot problems. Have a support plan in place. Loan computers?

2. Procurement. Standardise on a single model? Or multiple versions over time? How do you handle a change of platform (eg laptop to ipad)?

3. Implied ownership. Idea that each student is responsible for care is important to any programme.

4. Administrator. Can a teacher or student be administrator on their "own" machine? ie install software, upload pictures/games/apps?

Devices and Operating Systems.

1. Laptop, tablet (old-school-with-stylus or new-school-ipad/android), smartphones. Does it deliver learning goals?

2. Operating system dictates which apps can be run, type of support and professional development for staff.

Advises to always keep learning goals in mind, to make sure you end up in the right place.