Schaffhauser (2011)

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Schaffhauser (2011) ABCs of BYOL. THE Journal. (accessed 20-08-2012)

Pilot programme involving 567 seventh-graders within Forest Hills School Board (Ohio).

Before starting, staff and parents were polled. Staff were generally enthusiastic and willing to put in the time to figure out what worked.

Parents however had four concerns.

1. The security of the device

2. Online safety

3. Skepticism regarding the educational value of the programme

4. Equity - what about those who can't afford it?

Meetings were held with parents to talk about concerns. Students then attended a "camp" that parents could attend if they wished, to learn how to look after devices. The textbook-load of students was also lightened and lockers installed for lunchtime storage.

The educational benefits have yet to be realised, but some classes are "well on their way".

The school board diverted some laptops from another programme for use by disadvantaged students and ideas are being explored to enable students to access computers out-of-hours.