Russell (2012)

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Russell, J. (2012) Bring-your-own technology and one-to-one initiatives in Missouri schools in 2012. Thesis. (accessed 22-08-2012)

This study looked at one-to-one computing in schools, including bring-your-own-technology, tablets, and laptops. Technology directors, administrators, and classroom teachers working in Missouri schools in 2012 were surveyed and interviewed. Teachers and administrators had concerns about students being distracted by using their own mobile devices for things not related to classroom activities. However, at least some teachers were open to the idea of BYOT in the near future. However, there was significantly stronger support from teachers, principals, and technology directors for district-provided technology such as iPads for students, which would give districts and teachers better control over the learning environment. The researcher concluded that Missouri school districts were ready to harness the power of mobile technology only on their own terms by providing mobile devices, rather than allowing students to use their own.