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30-Mar-2017 - NP3 symposium proposal accepted for WCCE[edit]

NP3 Overview diagram.jpg NP3's proposal for a symposium at the World Conference on Computers in Education has been accepted. Seven members of the NP3 team will be taking part in the symposium, which includes four papers looking at different aspects of digital practices and boundary crossing between home and school. Specifically:
  • Paper 1 frames the debate, explaining the key research questions that NP3 set out to investigate, how these questions emerged from previous research, the theoretical framing for the project, and its methodology
  • Paper 2 begins to explore digital practices in different arenas
  • Paper 3 Explores the role of parental perception in the mediation of children’s access to digital technology and spaces
  • Paper 4 looks at issues to do with social justice and pupils’ digital practices

Download the symposium proposal (which includes summaries of each of the papers)
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