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Project info[edit]

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19-Sept-2016 - NP3 case studies[edit]

Flickingerbard 6660037429 19de73c589.png The NP3 project is entering its final phase of data collection - in which we will be working with 8 primary schools in the UK that have been identified as using ICT effectively to enhance learning across the curriculum.

This phase of the project builds upon the findings emerging from the initial Exploratory studies (download the reports) - adding greater depth to the data and more tightly focussing on:

  • the digital competences that children are developing outside school (rather than 'just' their ICT activities);
  • social justice issues; and
  • the factors that impact on the extent to which practices in schools are influenced by pupils' digital practices outside school.

If you know of schools that would make good case studies then please let us know by emailing Peter.Twining at the Open University (

Quick overview[edit]

New Purposes - New Practices - New Pedagogy (NP3)[edit]

NP3 is finding out about how children's digital practices impact on teaching and learning

NP3 aims to find out about how children use mobile phones, tablets, laptops, games consoles and other digital devices outside school and what impact (if any) these practices have on what pupils and teachers do inside primary schools. The focus is on pedagogy across the curriculum (rather than the teaching of Computing).

Schools need more evidence and informed guidance about how to maximise the benefits and minimise the disadvantages of ICT in schools in order to enhance their pupils' learning across the curriculum. This project will provide individuals in participating schools with structured opportunities to reflect on their own practices, and will lead to the development of guidance for other schools about how best to engage with the digital practices that are so much a part of young people's lives.

NP3 is being carried out by researchers at the Open University and Lancaster University, and is led by Professor Peter Twining. Participating schools will be involved in enabling the researchers to collect data, which will involve interviews and observations of teachers and pupils, pairs of parents/carers and pupils keeping a photographic record of the pupils' ICT use (we will provide digital cameras they can use) and discussing these individually with the researchers, teacher questionnaires (about their use of ICT across the curriculum) with brief follow up discussions, a tour of the school, and brief discussions with the head teacher and ICT coordinator. The precise details of the data collection will be agreed in advance with the school (and with individual participants, and their parents in the case of children).

We would love to hear from you if your school is involved in empowering pupils to make effective choices about their use of ICT, for example, through:

  • Encouraging a Bring Your Own approach.
  • Implementing a one to one mobile device strategy within which pupils can customise their devices and take them home with them.
  • Running a Digital Leaders programme in which pupils are supporting other pupils and staff in using ICT.
  • Running a student led community radio station.
  • Or other similar activities which enhance pupils' agency.

Find out more about NP3 and tell us about what you are doing by: