Bartelt (2012)

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Bartelt, J (2012) Recommendations for Personal Mobile Technology Devices in K-12 Schools. Policy Paper. Educational Policy Institute of California (EPIC). (accessed 14-Aug-2012)

This paper starts from the premise that there is great student demand for BYOD and there are a lot of educational apps out there. Further, the paper states that we cannot wait because "modern teaching exists in a constant state of beta." There is also a need to support teacher innovations like classroom "flipping" (Lecture information delivered online, so classroom time freed up for activities).

Recommendations There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so:

1. Schools must look for low-cost, high-impact ideas and implement them quickly.

2. Technology should be focused on student activities, not teacher activities.

3. Students should be encouraged to bring own devices - This means that specifically mobile content must be found or created.